Championed are trite statements,
Of a dead man treasured...
Who has long been gone!
One who ushered in their downward spiral.
One who began their 'conservative' slide...
Into divisions,
That introduced them to oblivion!

And they contribute his comments,
To a feeding of their greed.
Until the deceit of it...
Exposed to reveal their gross misdeeds.

With such activities,
Bringing them to dire straits...
And on the brink to the brim of grim!
They still insist their backward insights...
Are worthy solicitations,
To continue to defend!

With a ridiculousness,
They persist with this.
Believing their best interests,
Do not offend those of consciousness.
Or keep them isolated...
In times when their mindlessness has ended!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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