Isolated By The Bosses

Isolated by the bosses he had stood up for his rights
They had done the dirty on him and the rebel in him fights
They cannot afford to sack him it would cost them six months
Between Joseph and his bosses it's a battle all the way.

He stood up to his employers to speak out he wasn't shy
And for that he has been punished made to look the naughty boy
He's been threatened with dismissal but Joseph refuse to cower
He has flown the workers banner and the worker too has power.

His boss tried to silence Joseph and from there bad feelings grew
Isolated from his workmates 'what a rotten thing to do'
He refuse to yield to pressure he say what he has to say
Mr Big has met his match on this one and there will be hell to pay.

There ought to be more like Joseph to his feelings he is true
He is not afraid to speak out though his backers may be few
If I were in his position by now I'd have called enough
But Joseph is no quitter he is made of sterner stuff.

He's a brave man Joseph Andrew and his courage I admire
And the story of his struggle is a story to inspire
He's been put under great pressure but he has refused to break
And in his battle with his bosses there is more than pride at stake.

Of the noble Joseph Andrew 'Peter Lalor would feel proud'
He has spoken against the user and has voiced his feelings loud
Under the severest pressure great courage he has displayed
And men like him once became heroes in the Eureka Stockade.

by Francis Duggan

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