Isolated In Our Own Little World

The valiant men fall,
The broken just travel on,
The happy smile to hide their pain,
And the beauty are all sick with vain.

The ambitious are all on their own,
The fear in the heart has taken hold,
The time is too scarce,
And the sorrow are not ready to mourn.

Yet the solution is around the corner,
The silence speaks more then words,
The difficulty is overcome,
And bravery comes back for the rewards.

As the compromise bends to favor,
The courtesy cost nothing to give,
The little gift of forgiveness,
And no one sees the mother’s hidden strength.

The lonely are invited into to dinner,
The deeds all granted and paid,
The faithful smile upon the young children,
And the emotions of the elders are scant.

by Melissa Coventry

Comments (2)

Isolation makes a person ponder on the inside of humanity, good or bad its time for reckoning! Liked it! A 10.
Are the emotions of the elders really scant? Or just scantly evident?