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Isolated, Not Just Glassed In, But Apart
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Isolated, Not Just Glassed In, But Apart

You ever just feel like you're in another world, because you're not like them
ever feel set apart, not sanctified, because it's like you're they condemn
you, not even for being a Christian, but just because you don't fit in
not because of lack of sin
or the 'not of the world' idea, i feel that, but what happens when you
don't fit in with your own people, when your meaningless interests conflict
even contradict
their own, when they look at like some alien and assume that they too
believe, but there seems to be this wall
that stops us from being friends, because im so different,
who are my people, when i don't even belong with those who are
'not of the world' they feel so far
away from me i can't help but feel isolated sometimes
as i write these rhymes
i also must wonder of them really know the real me
they can agree
with me
on what is important, but i must say i feel isolated
not just glassed in, but

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