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Issue Of The British Underclass. (Britain 1980's)
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Issue Of The British Underclass. (Britain 1980's)

Poem By Gillian.E. Shaw

Can one believe the artless truth
how much love costs with illicit youth?
Cast felons must pay as pay they did
legitimate choice once made well hid.

Civil dispatches; forms of menace.
Entitlements like unseen fetters.
Thus denied the human need to reap
and sow... save fifteen pounds a week.

Base retribution enforced, applied.
Destitute, difficult but alive.
Who conceived to criminalize man
and babe, in that green and pleasant land?

For those who know.
October 2005.

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Comments (4)

First rate poetry. Very effective use of language and image to portray a particular interpretation/explanation of certain aspects of a very challenging time.
Now that Gillian is clever, and acerbic, social commentary. Grand!
This compliments my poem Feral Kids perfectly...
Well-said, Gillian. I hadn't seen this issue dealt with in poetry and it's about time. Raynette