We've got tomorrow
We've got today
We've got all this time
To make a change
We are so into it
Going at each other
That we forget
To love another
All these fights
Haven't done us any good
Its not right
To go on as we should
I'm tired of
Pretending its OK
So lets make up
Stop living this way
Our relationship
Is pitiful
We're causing fits
And never let them go
Ever night
It's something new
Even if I tried
Ignoring you
Its hard enough
To admit the fact
Our trust has began to lack
And others think
We're insecure
Its hard to link
Who causes it more
I want to blame you
But you blame me
I want to hate you
But you hate me
Its not deep
Just annoying
When I'm trying to sleep
And you keep on going
Saying its disrespect
When I'm already down
Trying to steal your rest
Calm down
Everything I do
You go against
Or you do it too
To see who's the best
Its hard to pick
Its real confused
The words stick
We got issues
I want to talk about it with you
But what's the use?
Its my fault
It always is
When are ya
Gonna take responsibility for you decisions?
Its really sad
I take my blame
But you're making me mad
And driving me insane
I want to take it back
Every word I said
To make you sidetrack
And think about your choices instead
But I'll keep sucking up to you
Cause I don't want to be the person who hurts you
One day you'll learn
The hard way
I've already learned that why
So many people know you haven't yet
And when you do you'll be the hurtest
So I'm not gonna carry on
With the issues and what causes them
If you keep your space
I'll keep mine
Don't get in my face
We'll be alright
Just need to lose a few screws
Of this thing
Called Issues.

by Sugar Bear

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