Its good for nothing all the while its the only thing that's good for anything.
Its good to make cry make you jump and shout it to the world.

It is that thing...
That thing that makes you want to go, want to stay and want to die for.
Its just really good for you and I, but not only for that.

It? ?
It, is the question
It is the reason for why you see, why you speak and why you laugh.
You have 'it', I have 'it' and they have 'it'.
But do you really own 'it'? ?
It is the matter not of only world, but past nations and empires of yesteryear.

Well what good is it good for? ?
That question is to be left up to you.
Do you really own it?
It is left for you and is the only thing left for you.

Many times I find myself spilling my heart to the world for it,
But not always getting it back.
For me 'it', it is what I love, and who I love.
It burns me that I will never have it.
Maybe if I knew all the things of it;
I'd be able to fix the pain that bleeds inside of me
Why cant I have it?

There will never be a past of it, because it;
It is you.

By: Nam Hoang

by Nam Hoang

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It is every thing it is nothing it is........