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It Ain'T No Bright Side
K (2-2-92 / )

It Ain'T No Bright Side

Poem By Krystal ...

This is all she wore
Just a heart shaped little sore
On her soul
In a pretty little box
On a shred burning paper
Goodbye my baby
She wrote
She would never tell
How much she was hurting inside
And she would never tell
What a burden she carried
On her aching shoulders
If only she’d better off dead
But she lived sad instead
The acid is swirling
But her world keeps turning
She starved herself
In hope she’d stop bleeding
and burning inside
they all knew
that she could laugh the day away
But every night she’ll slip back into the nightmare
Of her morbid life
Protecting her heart
what the problem from the start
It never really belonged to her
She’d always felt
Something was missing
When she thought of love
She never cut her wrists
Still hadn’t been kissed
All she wanted was a way to escape
She knew it wasn’t easy
But she held on to the hope
That one day
Someone would come to the rescue
She lived out her life
Gone was her heart
Trodden and sodden was her soul
She couldn’t stop the bleeding
The burning and pain
Was eating her from the inside
Well she kept on waiting
But no one ever came
But she’s just 16
She’s got friends
And a family too
She’s giving up waiting
She’s destined
to die alone
just crying
and churning

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