It Ain't Really Worth Your Time

Poem By Meriam Joseph

One might feel all left out,
And dark and lonely haunted in past hounds,
Of voices and insults that come in echoes,
And laughing and pointing and dismaying bellows.

You're friends are wild they aren't nice,
When it comes to appearances they judge you real unwise.
And humans shouldn't keep their problems in,
‘Cuz that when they turn mental and into their hand pierce a blade in

One of them, half perverted and with a face all round and fair,
When so freaking jealous can't even breathe air,
Childishly points and calls you a hideous bear,
And you sit knees to chest and wonder why, people really do care

Another lost one, walking 5‘7 tall,
Even though she can't stand straight or prevent her fall,
Call you short with self prideful gleam so drag,
And before you go to bed you wonder why people really do brag.

A babbling one with another case of pride,
Thinks she's the best worldwide,
She did talk mean not denying her side,
Until a certain phone call quieted her talk tide

You would also have friends, who call you black,
Even though they are the joker Jacks,
They think every girl has got a sweet on them,
When in reality they're like venom to the fem.

And there's another foolish witch,
Whom you've helped climb out of a ditch,
But she goes around saying things about you untrue,
And how much have you've wished to run off from this wrathful vrue.

And there's that person who irritated you like hell,
But then you realize he is the only one who' treated you well
And that's the kind of friendship you'd want to pursue,
But you were an idiot, because about this you never knew.

Don't reason with people, who talk trash,
Don't even teach them the wrong in too much pride out hashed
It's like trying to ripen a fruit that's dead and dried
Well, it ain't really worth your time.

All Copyrights Reserved To Meriam Joseph

Comments about It Ain't Really Worth Your Time

Got really fascinated by your work. After all these poems are wonderfully written with specified words across each line. Good job! 👍
Got really fascinated by your work. After all these poems are wonderfully written with specified words across each line. Good job! 👍

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