It Aint Even A Horse. It's Just A Little Pony

Kept or tolerated relationships,
Are only worth what others may say.
And the value placed on their opinions made.

'Those are not true relationships.
I think of those situations,
As the sharing of conveniences.
With one or two or even more,
Perceiving they are receiving...
Something that provides a benefit.
Either way...
Absent is respect or honesty.'

And I refer to what relationships have become.
When devotion and respect was number one.
Almost like a marriage.
And many times much more honest.

'Oh. That's different.
Today most relationships are based upon,
Outsiders who gossip to influence what's believed.
What kind of relationship do you desire and wish? '

I'm not seeking any relationship.
Although if I was,
I don't want to be the one in doubt.
Or feel a need to be suspicious.

Be serious.
And I'm not talking about,
Those yesterdays you remember.
Or times no longer that exist.
What kind of relationship 'today' do you wish? '

I value quality too much.
With honesty as a priority.
I want someone I can trust.
And know what I confide in strict confidence,
Will not fall on anyone else's lips to discuss.

It's a good thing you're not seeking a relationship.
Because that horse you ride up on is much too high.'

It aint even a horse.
It's just a little pony.
So I'm not riding that high on it.
In fact...
On those days I am feeling encouraged,
It wont budge at all.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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