It All Ends Up In Nothing

It all ends up in nothing even for those of wealth and fame
For the one who wields the scythe of death treats all lives as the same
Though you are a billionaire like everyone for you a final day
You cannot buy time from the one on how long you live has the say
Enjoy your fame and money as time ticks on and on
At the stroke of midnight today it will have gone
And tomorrow it will surely dawn but not for everyone
For the longest lived human life is terminal when all is said and done
Are you one who helps the homeless of the poor side of the town
Or do you say it is their own fault that financially they are down
Your wealth does not tell us of the sort of person you are though your compassion and generosity can
This applies to every woman as well as to every man
The one who wields the scyhthe of death on our lives has the final say
It is only earthworms do live in the graves where human bodies lay.

by Francis Duggan

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