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It All Started With A Sip (To Late Now)
KO (July 20,1992 / Lansing somewhere)

It All Started With A Sip (To Late Now)

Poem By Kaleb O'Connor

As soft winds sweep away the days
I look back on life through a haze.
Remember playgrounds, parks and friends,
In childlike gaze that never ends.
The laughter in a game of catch,
Shall memory ever attach...
To innocence in youthful eyes,
Catching the ball to Dad's surprise.

I recall my first bike, first wreck,
Who picked me up, said, 'What the heck? '
Convinced me to give one more try,
While, knees skinned, I forgot to cry.
Just the joy knowing he was there,
Making him proud my only care.
There was nothing I couldn't do,
My heart held fast that to be true.

Though teenage years were kind of rough,
I remained kind, humble, and tough.
You taught me to defend what's right
And never back down from a fight.
So I learned the hard way to stand,
Still, with each lump, I found your hand.
Drawing from you an inner strength,
And stubborn pride of equal length.

But then it happened, again and again. You came home stubbling, with all your friends. Did u tihnk it was cool, to hit your second son? or call your first a mistake and dumb? it just didnt make sense, we were doing so great. then u screwed it all up and threw it away. But now i just wish, u just wouldnt of changed, was it something i did? or was i just to much to take?

Please, Dad, today just hear my call,
I'm sorry that I dropped the ball.
My life is wrecked, my knees are skinned,
My emotions undisciplined.
I can't get up although I try,
But i swear that i will never cry
Though I can't fight what I can't see,
Please, Dad, say you're still proud of me.

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