It Always Will Be This Way

A minority live in Earthly Heaven and the majority live in Earthly Hell
And many grow financially poorer for a few to do financially well
This is how it is and always has been and this is how it always will be
And success to you may seem different than how success does seem to me
You laugh and the whole World laughs with you a truism from the long ago
And the unhappy one who dwells on self pity becomes hers or his own greatest foe
Sadness does always seem absent in the place where joy is to be found
I do love the sweet lilt in laughter it is such a beautiful sound
The wealthy one though quite unhappy is better off it does seem to me
Than the poor person lacking in money quite unhappy in poverty
Human life is about winners and losers and for one to win some have to lose
And everyone aims to be a winner and losing anyone does not choose
A minority own most of the money in the Human World of today
This is how it is and it has been and it always will been this way.

by Francis Duggan

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