It Applies To You

I can't believe I spent my time wishing, hoping that you would see
all the things you've done wrong and not only to me
what you do is so wrong and you don't seem to mind
You pretend and you play and manipulate time after time
you don't care about the people you hurt
you just continue to do your dirt
I pray that you open your eyes and see the pain you inflict
and be sure just like medicine you'll get a dose of it
Because when you do wrong in this world that very day you will rue
there's a saying 'What goes around comes around' and it applies to you

by Chocolate Bunny

Comments (3)

awww, sweet! i got a few people i'd dedicate this poem to. nice write!
Nice! Great job on this one and a strong warning to the manipulators.
Very good. I like it.