It Arrives Like Magic Without A Wand

Over the years I've done what I've done.
And adapted.
Expressing my insights...
With a comprehension I earned and not overnight!
And changing with each season that witnessed my growth.

Praying with a faith that has kept me determined and focused,
On my journey.
Not always achieving the great results I had expected.
And some observing believed I had been conflicted with indecision.
I am blessed to not have been fixed in my ways,
With beliefs my purpose would be secured by a dollar bill.

~Can I get a Amen? ~

Although on occasions I was tempted to sit and endure,
The patience a 'retirement' to enjoy my life would eventually bring.
After receiving a plaque and a handshake for dedicating the waste,
Of my youthful years.
To that kind of unquestioned loyalty.

And I have paid emotionally for being 'different' and a maverick.
I want no one to believe,
My path was laid out and for me it was a breeze.
On the contrary!
Accomplishing a peace of mind is not easy.

One day one awakens and there it is!
And no one has to say a thing to convince the receiver of it.
It arrives like magic without a wand in sight.
And there to be scrutinized, criticized, innuendoed and gossiped.
But having it is the best gift one who gets it knows to dismiss all BS!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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