It Burns By Gio Masserati

It Burns

A man living in Nomad's land
goes searching to the ends of the earth
civilization rediscovered
looking for artistic developments
for bare touches in the dirt
to become one with earth sky and moon
to connect with root and other's root

this Nomad hunts vigorously
and hunts and hunts
for it is what he knows
he was born a Hunter
always on a quest

a departure to depths divine
never finding rest for years
the Hunter travels and travels
with endless searching
scars to prove his winged soars
yet to no avail this Hunter
stay true to his given name

conquests piled high
unseen by nomads naked eye
he salvages to gain much more
never staying long to gaze at his prey
those days all behind him
the hunter must go to show for his day

until, finally, one day
so tired of exhaustion
the hunter collapsed
falling face down on a rock
a voice barely audible said,
no strength to look up
the hunter bared his soul to the Rock
lamentations began
'please God! '
'show me how to live out my days, '
'for I am a Hunter by nature',

Instantly! the Rock granted the hunter
a resting place of peace
Living Water poured out
over him fully immersed
baptizing the Hunter in vast riches
cleansing his nomadic wandering tendencies

after time spent it's last drop
of lasting wisdom to depart
the woodsman lifted up
from his newfound strength

his chest lay bare
stripped of all it's arrows, knives, and bow
in it's place lay a toolbelt
on the rock
with the tools he would need
to continue on his new found journey

as the wooodsman left that place
he buried his wandering ways
and burned his hunting gear
then placed the ashes across his cheeks and forehead
as a covenant and to go forth in faith

no longer in Nomads land
he began his new life as a woodsman
with a new name and clear vision

soon after that solemn day
he came across a forest
and saw a vision

in the woods
up ahead
hidden behind overgrown shrubbery
of golden embers and beams
a glimmer of hope
faith restored
not to prey
but of pray
full of Praise
waiting for her woodsman
destiny befalling her

soon after his vision
his travels slowed to a halt

then there!
in the not so far distance
a woman was there praying
for her huntsman to come and find her
not just any woodsman would do
only a Hunter with glorious visions
that would unlock her beauty
spread among the ashes

the burning ritual
has uncovered the future
of what remains untouched
unscathed untainted
a freshness lovely to behold
ripe for the kindling

sooner ever than ever could imagine
after that solemn blessed day
the woman he came across
asked him to stay

they played
then prayed
and played
and layed
then soon made
two lil' hunters
from their Love

by Gio Masserati

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