It Can Be Quite Relevant

I am not a high achiever this much i do know
And for my years of life in success i have little to show
But then i ask you what is success anyway
It can be quite relevant as the wise one does say

Yes success indeed can be quite a relative thing
The royalists may sing the praises of the queen and the king
But wealth and power came to them only by chance
Due to the good fortune of birth circumstance

The most successful humans too are mortal why otherwise pretend
Since every life journey does come to an end
And in death the queen and the king only equal to me
Though many with such a statement may not agree

You only can live as good as you can be
And lucky are they who do have empathy
Quite successful people in their own unassuming way
They help those in need of helping every day.

by Francis Duggan

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