It Can Be Said Of Us Humans

It can be said of us humans we never cease to surprise
I've known poorly educated people for to be very wise
For knowledge through college education and wisdom are different as can be
Just as chalk from cheese is different or so 'twould seem to me
We've read and heard so many stories about the wise old sage
But wisdom is an inborn thing that seems to grow with age
If wise people led World Governments we would have peace and harmony instead
Of broken hearted mothers grieving for their war dead,
We never elect truly wise people to Government of us what does this say
That wisdom is out of fashion in the World of today?
In only seven decades since the first motor car
Humans in engineering, science and technology have come so very far
Yet the people we elect to govern us seem to lack in common sense
And the lack of good judgement of the majority is to all of our expense.

by Francis Duggan

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