It Can Be True

It can be true that we make our own future though that is not always the case
For you can be one of those born at the wrong time and in the wrong place
You might be one born into poverty in a Land ravaged by war and drought
And right from the start of your existence you seem doomed to be down and out.

It can be true that we create our own chances though that can depend on circumstance
Percentage wise the child of the ghetto for success has a far slimmer chance
Than the child of middle class parents statistics in such cases don't lie
For failure the child of poor parents the chances seem to multiply.

It can be true that on all of good people that karma will look favorably
But since so many good people suffer that would seem an assumption to me
I've known good people to mourn for an offspring that the reaper from them had taken away
These people did not owe to karma yet through loss a huge debt had to pay.

It can be true that those with heaps of money all of the good things in life can enjoy
But some wealthy people of illness have died young and good health their money could not buy
And to the words 'it can be true' as we know well the truth does not always apply
And from this if you wish to find meaning ask somebody wiser than I.

by Francis Duggan

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