It Can Happen To Anyone

Since money does not make one immune to the black moods of despair
It can happen to anyone the pauper or billionaire
The light of Happiness it's way cannot find
Through the heavy clouds of the darkened mind
So many people with heaps of assets and money have died
At their own hands in the act of suicide
They did not leave it to the Reaper of lives to set their time date
For them their black moods of despair did become too great
Sometimes our crosses in life can be heavy to bear
The happy at all of the time people do seem quite rare
The World is a sad place for those mentally down
Who wants to be known as the sad sack of the town?
Money from the black moods of despair none ever does save
Many wealthy people have chosen their own early grave.

by Francis Duggan

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Sad poem, unfortunately true. Yes, depression can happen to anyone. Thank you for share, touching penning!