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It Can'T Be That Hard To Do
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It Can'T Be That Hard To Do

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

One can teach another,
Depending on the age,
A listening begins.
With an influential meaning.
Discipline and respect too,
Should be taught early.
Before someone reaches pre-school.

Once can teach another,
How to cook.
How to drive.
How to come and go,
With identity and pride.
But teaching one from experience,
The rudiments needed to survive one's life.
Is like teaching one the aspects of motivation,
Desire and drive.

And if one is not energized,
By an inspiration that developes from with inside.
Will take the patience of someone just arriving,
From another planet.
To explain to someone,
That expresses no interest in learning to read OR write.
That 'these' elements are required prerequisites,
If one seeks to have a book.
They envision to see published!

'Why should I have to learn to read or write?
I don't have time for that! '

What is it you wish that I do for you? ~

'Help me get published.
You did it.
It can't be that hard to do.'

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