It Cannot Be A Crime

I know yes I know it cannot be a crime
For to be addicted to penning of rhyme
But I who have penned more than more than I could wish to name
Is poorer than most are and still without fame.

Since for my penning efforts I don't receive pay
Some tell me I ought to give rhyming away
That is their opinion and that's fine with me
But without rhyming much poorer of soul I would be.

Though I am not a poet for poets are rare
The gifts I was born with amongst others I share
Without any pretention to local renown
Or to be even well known on my side of the town.

I've been penning rhymes since my physical prime
But that is going back more than three decades of time
Just for the love and enjoyment of it and nothing more
I only say here what I have said before.

by Francis Duggan

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