It Cannot Be At All Easy

It cannot be at all easy to grieve somebody's heart
For to tell someone who loves you of my life you cannot be a part
Such words I would imagine for most quite hard to say
Though it happens very often and to many every day
For to tell one who loves you that your future is not with me
Is something that's not easy and would you not agree
That to cause one who loves you heartache is not an easy thing
Love that can cause much happiness to some sorrow does bring
To say to one I do not need you in my life cannot be easy at all
Though that is your decision and on it you make the call
Love that can cause great happiness can also cause great woe
And of the depth of grief felt by the jilted one only he or she does know
To many to say I do not need you in my life must seem hard as hard can be
Though not everyone as we do know are blessed with empathy.

by Francis Duggan

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