It Comes And It Fades

It comes and it fades like images in a dream
The voice of the dipper in the upland stream
That babbles downhill along by the hedgerow
On to the big river it ever does flow.

With age the old memories are fading away
The song of the cuckoo in the month of May
The wildflowers so beautiful in the sun shine after rain
The past it returns to visit me again.

The song of the chaffinch I fancy I hear
Though the leafy wood-land to me nowhere near
The wood pigeon's wings makes a whirring sound in flight
Fond memories of Nature a thing of delight

The little brown skylark for to sing has to fly
Above the bracken hill a small speck in the sky
Though in the gray clouds he fades to disappear
The song of the bird I still fancy I hear.

The Goddess of Nature the one God I know
Her beauty is with me where-ever I go
She followed me here from the hills far away
Her birds always sing for to greet the new day.

It comes and it fades like the fair rose in bloom
Though the memories linger of her fragrant perfume
And Nature I love since to her I belong
And she is my reason for writing this song

by Francis Duggan

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