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It Comes For Me So Easy
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It Comes For Me So Easy

If it was not easy for me to give...
You would have never known my face.
Or the appearance of it shown,
As often.

I do not try to grace you with impressions.
This is who I am.
Being me with you in my thoughts.
Being me wishing to offer to you,
Something from my heart.
Something that is genuine...
You will know from the start.

And it comes for me so easy!
Just like the breath I breathe.
Just like a tree that is there,
For what it does.
For what it offers.
For what it is.
There to give!

I want you to be aware you can depend on me.
But I don't want you to think of me as an obligation.
Waiting there from you to receive.
Not me.
I appreciate you too much.
You are life.

I want you to think of me,
As being there...
As a part of who you are!
Since you will always be,
There for me to give.
And I can't think of any opportunity,
That comes to me as easy.
Knowing my life,
Means more than just for me to live...
With you making it easy,
For me to give!

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Quite a peculiar poetry that depicts the joy of giving oneself to someone special! A 10.