IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

It Could Be For C.P Sharma

We search for truth but would we know
if our quest met with success
Perhaps truth changes as we grow.
We can’t be sure so we must guess.

Maybe there is no absolute
unchanging truth that’s permanent.
So we adopt beliefs to suit
whatever seems convenient

That’s fits in with what we think we know.
Because we fail to recognise
What we’ve been taught my not be so.
Though in due course we realise.

The quest fir truth which we pursue
would seem to be man’s destiny.
Its something we were born to do.
To search for truth continually

Although it seems illogical
I offer you this theory
The truth is something personal.
My truth only applies to me.

Your truth is only true for you.
It’s just another theory
I have no way to prove it true.
although it could be possibly.

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the truth is something personal my truth only applies to me i quite agree with you Mamta