Tumi Je Amar Kobita

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Another FANTASTIC write! I love this one too (and only the second I have read) . I just can't wait to read more. In London (where I originate from) , there was a saying dure in the war, which was 'Keep your pekker up'! We laugh about it now because 'Pekker' now means something quite different in todays language! However, it basically meant 'keep your chin up'. And that, my darling girlfriend, is what you are saying here. Loved it Well done! Gyp's Love Gyp's
that is what i call, 'being positive' nice work!
hi, your poem makes me think that it doesn't get any worse than it already is. it those poems you love to read when you feel that if anything else goes wrong you will dig a hole an die. Nice work Cheers!
Really nice... There's a danish poet called Lola Baidel, who wrote this. I've translated as good as I could, hope you get the point :) keep writing! Even though i sold all i've got and gave it away i would still have my skills og my abilities Even though i decided to live the rest of my life among the poor in the streets of Djakarta I would always have an advantage because i had chosen it And Even though my friends dissappeared and my world crumbled tomorrow i would still have an advantage compared to others in the same situation because until now my life has been good So i gotta give up in becoming just as unhappy as the unhappy ones and instead undertake that duty it is, to be one of the lucky ones.. Bad translation :) but enjoy the good times Phumudzo!
nice poem...and an apt thought....it really could have been worse.Thank u for commenting on my poem..kep upthe good work
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