It Could Not Be For Freedom

I cannot weep for the martyrs of nineteen sixteen
Or the heroes who died for wearing of the green
The enemy of the past is no longer the foe
And all of this happened a long time ago

For the fallen of past wars i do not have tears
For they have been dead for many decades of years
If you have tears to weep why waste them on the dead
Save them for the poor and the homeless and the stateless instead

Of men who died fighting when they were young
Of them stories written and songs have been sung
And for them there has been many a street parade
And so often for them the last post is played

And what did they die for can you tell me
If not for the frightened and stateless refugee
Who from war and famine for refuge does flee
To be made feel unwelcome in their destiny

Or the homeless and hungry of Poverty Street
From ill fitting shoes walking on blistered feet
So many who live in extreme poverty
Just one of the many forms of not being free

That they thought they were fighting for freedom this well may be so
But the enemy then is no longer the foe
It could not have been for freedom that many of them fought and died
Since so many good people are not free Worldwide.

by Francis Duggan

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