It Does Look Like That

It does look like that time is catching up on me
And so much of the World i never will see
Oh to be on the road that does lead to elsewhere
It is a big World the World out there

I have seen many Seasons and in time lived for quite a span
But i am not what you would call a well traveled man
Though as a migrant i well may live out my time span
Far south of the place where my life's journey began

Yet i do envy those who at home choose to stay
And never yearn to travel to places far away
Content in their first home place surroundings till the day they do die
To them there is no place like home is not based on a lie

And though i do live far south of my first home place
Where to many today mine would be a stranger's face
I have not seen much of the big World out there i have come to realize
Where when the sun sets in the north in the south it does rise.

by Francis Duggan

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