It Does Not Matter How Good

It does not matter how good a person that you are
Or if to find your equal one would need to travel far
There will be some of you who will not have kind things to say
Some do like to be critical since this is their way
In your acts of compassion you may win the approval of the majority but you will not win them all
Since some people in their ways are so very small
To these people those who are compassionate are quite weak of mind
They see it as a flaw to be caring and kind
Their idea of a fair go to everyone does not apply
In their words of such to some they do deny
To them the kind and caring are not truly blessed
Since they help the poor and the homeless and the dispossessed
And though you may be a good person kind in every way
There are some of you who do not have nice things to say.

by Francis Duggan

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