It Does Not Tell Me Of The Person You Are

Money speaks every language as the wise one does say
And lots of it in life can take you quite a long way
It can buy you a swimming pool, a new home and an expensive new car
But it does not tell me of the person you are
Are you one with the gifts of compassion and empathy
And for the poor of the World do you feel sympathy
And are you one who believes in give to receive?
We happen to be on what we do believe
Their dreams of wealth and fame many in life pursue
And that money wins you friends and admirers happens to be true
But if you do not believe on a fair go for all
Then as a person in your ways you are small
How much money you have may win you friends and in life take you far
But it does not tell me of the person you are.

by Francis Duggan

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An excellent write...10 You are invited to read my poems and write few words on them..