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It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion
Or if you live on the side of the road,
It doesn't matter if you are quite young
Or if you are very, very old,
It doesn't matter if your house is made out of paper
Or if it was created out of silver and gold,
It doesn't matter if you own your soul
Or if unto the devil it has already been sold,
Your career it might be at a standstill
Or it might be beginning to finally unfold,
It doesn't matter of the job or the career that you have
Or what you have carried in life as your load,
It doesn't matter where you have been
Or even the seeds that you have sowed,
No one cares about the stories you've heard
Or about the secrets that you have been told,
No one cares about the places you have visited
Or unto the dreams or hopes that you still hold;
Death doesn't care who you are,
Someday, in the ground we all will lie cold.

Randy L. McClave

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So very true death awaits no one