JD (October 16,1988 / Stony Brook, New York)

It Grows

As I look out at this world
the shine of love catches my eye,

my heart and my soul.
The darkness fades away

as the love lightens the day
and I am no longer alone.

The good replaces the bad
and beauty is abundant,

the world is pure.
I see love bloom right before

my eyes and wow!
Such beauty, such phenomena!

Such a sight to be seen.
It's not an illusion

it's not a dream
so this is real and can be seen.

Yet to others, such
beauty doesn't exist

the negativity prevents
this from blooming.

As I look out I see it grow.
Growing and growing

into something magnificant
that we all can grasp.

It's there..believe me
right at your fingertips,

under your nose.
All you have to do

is open your eyes!
And soon you'll be

watching it grow like I.
And soon you'll see such splendor
like I.

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