(23 09 1960 / Ireland)

It Had Made Her Heart Stone

She knew it too well
That look, that tone
The effort it took
To try stop a cyclone
The damage it did
When it spiralled, gained speed
Out of control
Too late to take heed
She was left with the rubble
It left in it's wake
But decided to stay
For the children's sake
For years and years
She withstood the attacks
For years and years
She tried covering the cracks
Until one evening
When pushed to the floor
She made up her mind
Not to take any more
Independent at last
She liked being alone
The pain of abuse
Had made her heart stone

by Margaret O Driscoll

Comments (2)

When new friends come into your life your heart will become alive again, as was so evident in your poem you were lacking.Beautiful but sad
It take real courage to live with a violent partner for the sake of the children and it takes great courage to leave. deeply expressed in your poem.10