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It Happens To All Of Us
CDM ( / Artesia, New Mexico)

It Happens To All Of Us

Age has crept up on
me, there are many
ways I can tell.
Fast paced times are
over, tortoise days
since I fell!

My hearing is not too
good. They say it's
the first thing to go.
My eye sight's not
much better, and four
eyes are slow

What left me before
these two senses
Were gone,
well, it didn't leave,
It expanded.
I'm no longer
A swan.

My waistline has puffed
out, my buttocks broadened,
And left me shaped as a pear.
But, I think that's better
than an apple, hues of
green coordinate with my hair.

Gorgeous clothes adorn
four closets,
cuddle hangers,
not me.
Thank goodness
for spandex
and knit suits,
makes dressing easy.

And, of course, that
unspeakable stuff in each
of my legs,
cellulite, exhales, in
panty hose, like a yolk

As the door of winter opens
its breath, my bunions
reap with pain.
Summer sandals allowed space
for my bursa, regular shoes
Hurt, and are hard to contain.

Water retention
builds up overnight
unless I take my pill.
The rings on my finger
becomes too tight, another
hint I'm headed down-hill.

Now, Golden Ager Females have
their bright spots, I think,
that's what I've heard.
Inquiries asked too often
raises eyebrows and makes me
look foolish and absurd.

But, I'm happy and blest
at this time of my
For it is now my turn
to cause commotion and

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