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**it Happens With Love... **

she wakes me up at 3 am..
just to talk story..
what a load of ham.

She makes me laugh till I can hardly breathe.
Its just Bologna(honestly.... why is it spelt that way? ? ?)
but honestly I love this crap.

She tells me night and day.
why dont I go out and play.
all I do is wanna spend time with you I say.

Baby, cant you tell?
Deep in love I am?
You are all,
thats on my mind.

I can hardly find.
Space in time.
I - Want you to know.
This heart isnt for show..
but its yours.. to keep..
till I die.

We spent night on the phone.
you hear me snore,
that I'm sorry.. but you kinda adore.

So now-
You hold me close tonight.
We'd love to have a good fight..
but then we kiss and everything will be alright.

This love,
Is real and I wont deny.
This girl that I claim to be mines.
is the star in my sky.

this girl is my everything.

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