It Has Been Awhile Since I Have Walked

Far north of here and far inland from old Hibernia's shore
It has been awhile since i have walked on the Millstreet roadway to Rathmore
Or heard the male pink breasted bullfinch sing or the lowing of a cow
In the calm of a Spring evening in a field by the Finnow
Yet in my flights of fancy i hear the cock pheasant crow
The shy bird hidden from view where the rank rushes grow
Such things live in my memory and with me bound to stay
Until the Reaper on my life does have the final say
It does not seem that hard at all for one to visualize
And fond memories of what once was to pleasant thoughts give rise
Almost twenty five years since i have seen Finnow in flood waters of brown
Bank high flowing in the old fields just west of Millstreet Town
The past has gone forever but the memories remain
Of happy times in days gone by that will never be again.

by Francis Duggan

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