It Has Been Awhile Since My Hair Was Dark Brown

It has been awhile since my hair was dark brown
Since i was a younger man near Millstreet Town
Far north of this Country even as the bird fly
In distance at least ten thousand miles of sky

Where i used to daydream of places far away
The far off hills green as some are known to say
And i like many others went off to elsewhere
To learn more of life in the big World out there

The day i left Claraghatlea for a distant shore
Old Clara overlooking high Claramore
Was wearing his white hat of December snow
And down from the north lands the cold winds did blow

In time i am going back near twenty six years
And i have shed all of my nostalgic tears
For faces and places i may never more see
Though the past is still living in my memory

It has been awhile since i heard a cow
Lowing in the calm of a Summer twilight by the River Finnow
And the redbreast singing on a leafy birch tree
Only the memory of what has been is living in me.

by Francis Duggan

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