It Has Been Many Years Since He Was In His Life's Prime

It has been many years since he was in his life's prime
But he is writing verses the old man of rhyme
And though the years have left him looking wrinkled and gray
He will be writing rhyme on his last night and day

Ten times a great granddad he has outlived his wife
The woman who was the great love of his life
A few years ago she died in her sleep without any pain
Though the sense of loss with him it does remain

He has been writing rhymes since he was a boy
Something today he does thoroughly enjoy
And though in his early eighties and his physical best years long gone
True to his calling in life he keeps on rhyming on

At the local pub on Saturday night
He recites his poems to his audience's delight
And always for him there is a loud encore
As his fans do beg him for to recite some more.

by Francis Duggan

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