It Has Been Raining

It has been raining for two days and two nights but of that we ought not to complain
For the long drought may well not be over and we do need every drop of rain
The farm dams they were almost empty and still under half full 'twould appear
In the last forty eight hours more rainfall than we have had for a whole year
The long dry spell well may be over but the heavy rainfall overdue
The farmer is looking quite happy the rain to him a dream come true
He has lived through many dry Seasons the rain is so welcome he say
El Nino has gone back to the ocean though he may return one day
The river flowing bank high in the paddocks it has been awhile since this we've seen
The rain inspires growth re-generation in a few weeks the landscape will look green
But rain around here always welcome the wind and sun sucks the moisture from the ground
On the roofs the pitter patter of cloud release is always a welcome sound
'Tis nice to hear the storm water gurgling in the up to now dry roadside drain
For the past few days it has been raining though of that we ought not complain.

by Francis Duggan

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