It Has Been So Long

It Has been so long so long ago a memory to remember
At Shannaknock Cross the travelers parked their horse drawn vans for the Millstreet Town horse fair of September
They played music, sung and drank their stout, told stories and made merry
At the byroad to Shannaknock off of the Millstreet road to Kerry
But in the early sixties old ways did change forever
The passing of time always bring change and new ways of life from the old do sever
No traveler horse drawn vans at Shannaknock cross today change come as time it passes
The young boy of the nineteen fifties is gray and bald and wearing glasses
We only have memories of the past the now is all that matter
Youth has it's fling as some do say and age leaves us old and fatter
An Irish traveler at the Shannaknock Cross today would feel a stranger
The increase on motorized vehicles put them and their horses lives in danger
No Irish traveler vans at the Shannaknock Cross today for the Millstreet Town horse fair of September
And this was many years ago as i do well remember.

by Francis Duggan

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