It Has Been Some Three Decades Of Years

It has been some three decades of years since i last saw Duhallow
I thought i might return in Spring like the migratory barn swallow
But many Springs have come and gone since i last heard the male pheasants crowing
In rushy fields far north of here where bright waters in waterways are flowing
The fading memories of the what used to be now like a flickering ember
We only can live in the now and the past only remember
But like everyone else of my life's journey i too have many a story
In fancy i often hear the robin sing when May is in her bloom and glory
And hawthorns cloaked in their blooms of white resplendent in their great beauty
To write of Nature at her best i truly feel it is my duty
On a cold and wet December day i last saw the fields of Duhallow
On a bus bound for the migrant boat i had my dreams for to follow
And we only can live in the now as the past it has gone forever
But as is said of the old ties they can be very hard to sever.

by Francis Duggan

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