SJ (1991 / arizona)

It Has Begun

And we,
will die off one by one,
one by one,
we pull the triggers to everyone,
nothing is done,
one by one.
one bye one,
they ask,
one bye one,
nothing is done,
and now it's everyone,
it has begun!
everyone dies off......

Pull them apart!
shred to pieces!
start with the smaller,
work your way up!
Rip them inside out
leave nothing,
destroy them slowly,
withing their minds,
leave them with no one,
no supporting,
nothing is done,
once again,
and they all die,
and they all die!

We can see them,
all surrounding,
falling apart,
with nothing more,
and they fall down,
to their knees down,
beg for mercy,
but nothing now,
we sit laughing,
watching as they,
become nothing,
it has begun!

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