JTA ( / US)

It Hurts To See Her Crying

She has a beautiful heart
It's plain to see
It hurts to see her in misery
She gives all of herself to him
and she gives all of her for free
why does it hurt me to see
I say a prayer silently
Don't let the innocent
feel such pain and misery
take it away and put it on me
Please make me a promise
that her heart is not forsaken
my heart's already broken
and it hurts more to see her's breakin'
I'm strong enough
I've taken all that I've taken
please deliver her from heartbreak's door
I'm strong enough to bear her burden
I can carry some more
I just don't want to see the innocent crying
it cuts me and reminds me that I'm dying
If I could wipe her tears and kiss her to make her smile
I'd travel the world and walk on broken glass all the while
take away her pain and replace it with gentle sleep
it hurts me to see the innocent sadly weep
I pray that her pure heart you protect and safely keep
Those such as her that love truly and so deep

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