It Hurts

It hurts when I’m not invited,
It hurts to find out of a planned event the day after it happened,
It hurts when I stay at home while all my friends are out,
It hurts to find that I’m not liked,
It hurts to say I wish I were gone,
It hurts to smile when I want to cry,
I wish I were included,
I wish my friends wanted me,
I wish they understood,
I’d like to be included with all my so called friends,
But all I can do is hope that someday they’ll think of me
Someday they’ll take the time to give me a call,
Someday they’ll want me there
Just hopefully that someday will come,
Come before I am gone,
Come before I’ve left all this behind,
Come before I say,

by Alex Ramos

Comments (2)

stop focusing on everyone else. Be the best you can be. Forget everyone else. when you finally do meet your right group, youll be invited.
good poem but i would probably told my friends goodbye already i am really impatient though Later... Isaac