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It Is

It is easier to fall off a bar stool than it is to fall into a ditch
And it is easier to become poor, than it is to become rich.

It is cheaper to buy water, than it is to buy milk or champagne
And to some it is easier to give in, than it is to sit down and complain.

It is understandable to some, to steal or borrow rather than to beg or plead
But, sadly sometimes to others, it's just better to sweat and to bleed.

It is better to be a politician, than it is to be a working man
Where one will not fight greed, but the one with the sweat on his brow can.

It is simpler to be caring and helpful, which sadly I would not ever recommend
All you need is to be poor and have nothing, but only GOD and a back to bend.

Randy L. McClave

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