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It Is A Bell That I Will Not Be Hearing

It is a bell that i will not be hearing when it does ring for me the farewell bell
But to those who hear it in it there will be a warning that for them there will be a last farewell
The clock ticks on the years go by so quickly and the funeral bell is ringing every day
But not always for those time has made weary the people by the years left frail and gray
It sometimes even rings for a young person the Reaper of lives does not discriminate in any way
The one we fear is a true egalitarian i say of him what does seem fair to say
It is true that time on anyone does not wait and as we age it keeps on ticking fast
On looking back our prime years did not last long a fading memory of the distant past
That we live to die a truer word not spoken each day we wake to see one nearer to our end
Though news of death does not seem to affect us except of a close relative or friend
And yet each day the funeral bell is ringing it's tolling echoes in the morning sky
For someone to be driven on a farewell journey perhaps a local cemetery nearby
It is a bell that i will not be hearing on the day that it will toll for me
Again this morning i did hear it tolling a final farewell to some he or she.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (2)

Its true death is the ultimate egalitarian it takes all and we are all equal to it touch. A good work that dissects life and her black sheep sister. To many people are afraid of their mortality but to face it head on is truly the bravest thing to do. Fantastic work
Nice poem on empathy. Ah yes, how many times we do cheat that bell. And still I give thanks. And thanks to you for your concern. Read Mine - The Moment Of Life - Adeline