It Is A Better World

The day I leave this earth
There will be nobody always to help me in my life
And nobody else will need to look after me here on earth
Because I will be in heaven
In a better place than earth
But I must say that I can't wait for this day to arrive
And when this day arrive I will be ready for God to take me home
To his abode in heaven
My life will end here on earth
But it will continue in heaven inside of God's abode
And in the garden in heaven I will go for walk any time that I feel like
Without being disturbed by the other people that lives in heaven
Also the dogs in heaven will come and great me while I walk in the Garden In heaven
Of course I won't see anymore violence or homeless people here in The sky
At all and that to me will be a relieve
Also my pain and my life strugles will be over

by Aldo Kraas

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