It Is A Good Day To Die Said The Old Man To The Sky

The wind was kicking up from the Northwest
Storm clouds gathered to section off the Sun
Intense displays of furious pyrotechnics flashed brilliantly
From the mouth of the dark beyond
As Nature made its feelings known and I lay slowly dying
From a self inflicted stab at ending my family's drought
Having fallen on my sword as required in human sacrifice
My blood letting was to be washed clean and absorbed
Into the dry parched earth beneath my heavy soul
And the heavens would open up to receive me
For all which flows from them, so shall all be returned.....

by Ted Sheridan

Comments (6)

Excellent literary piece. You have a great way with words.
Ted, again this is so sad....I have to say that your writing when 'down' is still eloquent and you get your point across...Other than that, it's not a good day unless someone else made that decision long before you were 'but a twinkle in your Father's eye.'~~~~~~hugs, marci.xo
wonderful use of imagery here. The feeling of a fallen nobel is a great theme and universal. It illustrates the commonalityin everyone. The language is beautiful ed. A worthy read, inded.
Ted, I always get so upset when you post suicide poems. I miss my friend already, and you are alive. Imagine how I would feel if you died. Snap out of it. Go find a cause and kick ass. I have one for you. Wake people up to the truth: 'Islam is not Peace.' Love, ~ Sara
Ouch.... feeling gloomy Ted? Every day is a good day to die..... and a better day to live. Don't think I'll be meeting my namesake below by the pearly gates though, I haven't been nice to anyone yet today. t x
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