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It Is All That There Is.....
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

It Is All That There Is.....

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Please remember me as I am.....
Now until we have no more....
Please love me when you go,
For adore you, each moment that is yours.

It is all that there is....
In our moments we find.
Such blissful wonders & happiness many seem quick to critize.

As usual you bring perspective to and unsure & troubled mind.
You make lifes reflections mean more then I once choose to realize.

It is all that there is....
With you I found peace.
A love that is hard to forget or try to equal in this place I have reached.

We have such a comfort and a friendship beyond what I dreamed,
Even if I forget and sometimes fall from your reach.

I remember when I met you,
It was so hard to understand.
The longing that I felt to try and discover what you had planned.

It is all that there is...
With you & me its real.
No fake promises,
No unanswered prayiers.

It is all that there is....
Between now & then.
Each day I will hold onto 'us'
And through caution to the wind

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